Technical specs

The station’s essential elements are a tablet, a midi keyboard, a microphone and a headphone.

We built 2 models:

1- Fixed stations:

Built in walls, currently present in schools and community hubs for direct usage

2- Mobile stations

Portable, currently used for pilot and instructional programs

What’s in a Station?


● Tablet
● headphones
● microphone
● sound card
● keyboard
● power bank
● a multitude of apps, categorized and filtered by age groups.

Options for station set up

1. Designated room- if the school has a music room/ separate tutoring room.

2. Library- if the school has a library, the station could be set up on one of the library walls

3. Inside the classroom- alternatively, stations can be placed inside the classroom and be used during and in between classes

The Apps


The biggest language learning app to date, very user friendly and available in a very wide range of languages.

Lingo Kids

A more child friendly language learning app for younger ages.

Mussila ABC

From the same developer, an English teaching app that uses fun games and animation. This app uses simple games such as matching words to pictures and memory games.


an early-childhood app that demands simple usage of the tablet to play games. The app uses a lot of classical music in the background and in the games to introduce the children to the world of classical music.

Mussila Music School

A child friendly app dedicated music introduction for children. Using fun games and animation, children will become familiar with different instruments and even learn how to play the piano. 

Smart Chord

This app is professional app for teaching string instruments that provides many different modes from scale learning to metronomes, beats, drum machines, ear training and more. 

Music Reading Trainer

This app teaches how to play piano and read notes with a smart keyboard and a very simple visual explanation.


A photo editing app that allows basic changes to a photo you can take/upload. The app uses different filters and modes in order to create the perfect picture


An app that is similar to Smart Chord that specifically teaches chords and scales using a visualization of the actual fret board of the guitar.

IReal Pro

Is a backing track playback music app. Users are able to create chord charts and to select the instruments and style of playback to practice over


KineMaster is a comprehensive video editing suite. In the app the user is able to create very creative videos using the app’s library of templates and by filming him/herself.


An intermediate app that allows music creation using different machines to build a track with personal slots (each having EQ, pan, delay, reverb, and volume options)


The classic Photoshop program that allows to modify and change any picture taken, this app does demand skill and a learning process and, therefore, should be approached in such manner.

My Music Theory

Contains lessons on all the basic music theory in text form, exercises on every lesson and a library with scales, chords, and several other materials for quick reference


A subsidiary of Photoshop that is simpler and is more focused on basic photo editing similar to Afterlight


Photo editing app that is less advanced and has a slightly more user-friendly interface

Perfect Ear

Straight forward ear training app. The app features interval, scale, and chord exercises along with condensed music theory in text form. There are many music theory exercises as well as site reading and fret knowledge for guitar players.


A melodic ear training app. Through repetition of initially simple and gradually more complex phrases, the user is encouraged to exercise the connections between the ear and his/her instrument.

Audio Evolution Studio

This app is a portable multitrack audio and MIDI recording studio, featuring virtual instruments and a large array of recording options.


This is a loop-oriented app that allows the use of a wide range of different instruments and software capabilities.


An English learning app for higher-level English speakers. This app uses different characters that you can interact with on the tablet and listen to them speaking English and using words that are relevant to the games played. 

Perfect Piano

The most used keyboard app. Aside from having a keyboard to play with on the tablet, this app teaches you how to play the piano and enables interaction with the physical keyboard that is built into the station itself.Music tutor – a very basic app that tests the identification of notes to improve music reading. 

FL Studio Lite

A top-of-the-line semi-professional production suite for intermediate and advanced students.

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