Our Partners

Future Development Commission

The FDC was established as a charitable organization in 2003. The Commission has provided numerous relief and development projects in partnership with local and international partners. The FDC works through four major programs: Youth Support and Empowerment, Poverty Alleviation and Economic Empowerment, Psychosocial Support and Women’s Empowerment.

Image Line

Image-Line supports the Creative Corners project through their sponsorship of the FL Studio app

Jerusalem Acoustics

Jerusalem Acoustics is an engineering consulting and building company, which apart from realizing several performance spaces and music and broadcast studios in Palestine and globally, it has been providing technical support and contributing to the launch of Creative Corners project in both Gaza and the West Bank.


GuitAfrica helps you learn to play African guitar -made by Technimo in collaboration with Lionel Loueke.

MD recording studios

MD recording studios in Greece created the first prototypes of the Creative Corners stations


PitchBop is an ear training app that helps musicians develop a path from their imagination to their instrument so they have the confidence and control to bring unforgettable music into the world.

Kamel Lazaar Foundation

The Kamel Lazaar Foundation is the official partner of the Delia Arts Foundation in Tunisia

Genius Jamtracks

Genius Jamtracks was created to help jazz musicians improve their improvisation skills and grow with a song so you get to know it inside and out, well beyond the chord charts.

We also thank our individual donors who support our project, most notably the individual known by the initials G.G who wishes to remain anonymous.

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