Educational Programs

The Starter Package

If the student is completely foreign to music and instrument playing, we would offer to use the following apps as an introduction,

  • Mussila Music School
  • Perfect Piano
  • Music reading trainer
  • Lingo Kids
  • Mussila ABC
  • Khan

We also suggest that the teacher give the students a number of videos that he will be able to view on our video library to get familiar with the basic instruments and the key element of music.

The Intermediate Package

For students that have a deeper interest in art and a more developed ear (both for English and music)

● Perfect Piano
● Music reading trainer
● Duolingo
● Smart Chord (if the student wants to learn guitar)
● After light (if the student is interested in photo editing)

The Professional Package

For the students that have a more serious understanding and are comfortable both with music theory and English

● Perfect Piano
● Smart Chord (if the student wants to learn guitar)
● Fret buzz
● Maestro
● Perfect Ear
● Duolingo
● Caustic
● Photoshop
● IReal Pro
● BandPass

Recommended activities for the teacher

The activities are recommended to start about a month after introducing the kids to the stations.

Introduction to the keyboard

1. Draw the piano keyboard on the board and call a student up to match the keys with the notes.

2. If there isn’t any student that is able to complete the task, fill it in by yourself.

3. Ask the students to draw their own keyboard and match the notes on their own.

4. As an assignment with the station, ask the kids to use the Mussila music learning app and explain to the class about a specific instrument that they learned about.

Introduction to note reading

1. Give the students their first sheet music (song from the perfect piano app) and show them the different notes. The sheet should be very simple and preferably in the key of C.

2. Ask if any student already knows which note is which, bring the student up to the board to draw their staff and write the names of the notes.

3. Explain that each note has a different sound and demonstrate using the keyboard.

4. Let the students match the names and the notes on the sheet music that you handed to them and hand it in at the end of the assignment.

5. As an assignment with the station, using the perfect piano app, have the students learn how to play the most basic song.

Introduction to chords and harmony

1. Start by playing a few notes as a melody and then play a chord and ask the students if they know what chord is.

2. After a student explains/ no one knows explain the concept of putting two or more notes together and creating a harmony.

3. Show them a few chords and let them say if they like the harmonies, play a minor and major chord and ask them what emotions do the chords bring to them (minor is sad and major is happy).

4. As in assignment with the station, ask the students to play around with the keyboard and to write on a staff the different notes that they played together and to describe what they felt (which ones did they like and which ones sounded bad). When the students finish the assignment, they will present what they did and play the notes in front of the class.

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